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Photograph by Crystal Joyce

Jean-Pierre (JP) Joyce

Welcome to my web space and thank you for visiting!

   My name is Jean-Pierre Joyce and as the name implies I am half-French,

I am originally from Dallas, Texas and was born into a family of artists (including several very famous and respected ones; Claude Monet {my great, great, grand uncle} and Morgan Russell {my step-grandfather}) and have always been interested in the visual arts, it seems as a child and on into my teens I was constantly involved in creating something of an artistic nature. I have travelled extensively and lived all over the world especially in the U.S., Europe/Eastern Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.


    Currently I live and have my studios in Northern California and my personal life consists of my wife, four daughters and one son who are everything to me. I enjoy the arts, painting, photography, music, as well as traveling, exotic cars & yachting.


    I began my professional career in the late nineteen seventies as a make up artist and later followed that by becoming a fashion/beauty/boudoir and abstractionist fine art photographer as well as commercial, portrait and also wedding photographer for a number of years afterwards. I worked for a multitude of big name hair salons most notably Toni & Guy & Paul Mitchell. During the 80's I was in-house Chief Photographer for the Dallas Ballet Academy and Team Photographer of the Dallas Cowboys.


    My work over the years has appeared on countless advertisements, catalogs, billboards, publications, trade and fashion magazines both national and International including French and Italian Vogues as well as having had numerous private shows and exhibitions of my Fine Art photographs and I especially proud to say that I have a dozen works included in the permanent teaching collection in La Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris and was one of Kodak’s Photo Ambassadors for Kodachrome film.

    I now focus primarily on Portraits, Families, Maternity, Children, Boudoir & Lifestyle photography and would love to work with you and your family to create generation lasting images for you to cherish!


I also actively do Real Estate Photography.

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