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Klingenberg Castle

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Rittergut Klingenberg is situated in the Saxon village of Klingenberg (3 hours from Berlin and 1 1/2 hours from Prague) the 16th century Manor was built from 1553 to 1556 (456 years old!) it overlooks the valley and mountains of Southern Saxony and was built on the ruins of a much older Medieval Castle. Other notable construction activities were followed in 1682, 1739 and 1875 making the Rittergut it’s current size of 18,707’sq.) During the War Years the castle was taken over and occupied by the East German GDR. In 1990 the last private owner sold the property to the city of Dresden. A foundation set up an orphanage. 1960-1962 it was converted to a student dormitory. Later it was used as a Youth Hostel. In 1991, the municipality owns Klingenberg, 1996, the City of Dresden, a successful restitution claim and 2 outbuildings were spun off and sold separately. They were used as a corporate headquarters and apartments unit 2004. The Castle was then purchased sold to a private individual in 2012 and then we purchased to from them in 2014 and restoration was begun to the exterior.

This incredible castle is now available again for purchase - you can make it yours now and own a piece of history - restored to its former glory it will truly be a showpiece to be proud of.

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